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The highly experienced and dedicated professionals at Patterson & Associates provide appropriately client tailored and comprehensive management solutions. An array of investment services assures that the response to your needs is unerring and has our constant attention. You will never receive a voicemail recording at P&A.

Funds Management Services    MORE INFO

An investment adviser must act as your independent agent in the markets: creating and communicating strategies and executing all the time consuming duties of trading. While never touching your assets or funds, P&A reduces your costs and increases your control. One of the wide range of investment services will fill your needs.

Investment Advisory Services    MORE INFO

If you and your staff need only occasional assistance or advice in portfolio strategies, controls, market information or other functional phases of portfolio management, P&A is available to assist. We can analyze the risks, exposures and opportunities to jump-start your portfolio.

Reporting    MORE INFO

Concise and accurate reporting is a key to control. Reporting must include descriptive detail and information. Valid reporting options available encompass compliance requirements and crucial management information and designed for use with or without our investment management.

Collateral Pricing and Monitoring    MORE INFO

Public entities depend on bank collateral to assure the safety of their deposited funds. P&A provides timely and independent pricing and monitoring services, as well as bank credit monitoring, to assure that safety.

Benchmarking Strategy    MORE INFO

P&A assists in the development of benchmarking strategies for appropriateness.



Customized funds management is built on a thorough understanding of client objectives and situation, policy and internal control development, the evaluation of the markets that fit client needs, forecasting cash flow and positions, establishing effective custodial relationships, executing trades and complete reporting.

Patterson & Associates. approach is to become your partner and extended staff to fulfill all these needs and more. This unique approach creates a partnership that extends to all facets of treasury management. Full funds management services at P&A include all of our consulting and reporting services as well as specialized bond proceed management products such as flex repo and GICs.

Working to supplement your staff, a separately managed portfolio garners our complete attention to client needs and objectives while decreasing internal costs and increasing control over your time and your portfolio. Our disciplined approach to separate account management focuses on:

  • preservation of capital,
  • matching cash-flow needs,
  • appropriate active or passive management, and
  • maintaining a minimum volatility portfolio.
Our primary goal is to reduce portfolio risk and improve financial efficiency whenever possible. Our process is designed to meet those goals through:
  • policy and control development,
  • asset/liability reviews and cash flow evaluations,
  • portfolio structuring and analysis,
  • market research,
  • risk and performance measurement, and
  • complete and timely reporting.
Our client focus results in:
  • maximum safety based on cash flow realities,
  • proactive advice from experienced SEC registered advisers,
  • sophisticated portfolio design,
  • timely market-driven management recognizing market opportunities,
  • customized strategies,
  • client education and involvement,
  • cost effective and competitive market access through independent broker/dealers, and
  • timely updates on market changes and how they affect your portfolio.

Non-discretionary Management

P&A always manages public funds on a non-discretionary basis. Discretionary management places control in the advisor.s hands but P&A knows that the variable needs and cash flow demands of public funds requires that the client be part of the crucial portfolio decision-making process. We become your staff and take our general direction from you. Communication is our key to sound and practical advice.

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